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26 Mar 2014

Literary Evening: Petra Hůlová

In March, the Czech Centre Soul will host a visit of a successful upcoming Czech writer, Petra Hůlová. On this occasion, a meeting with Czech language students will be held at the Hanguk University of Foreign studies on 25th March. On the following day, a literary evening featuring a presentation of Petra Hůlová´s work to the Korean public will take place at the Czech Centre Seoul. The reading will introduce two of her novels, Plastic Three-bedroom Apartment (2006), which won Jiří Orten´s Literary Prize, and Bohemia, the Promised Land (2012), so far her latest novel. The excerpts will be read both in Czech and in Korean.

Petra Hulova became an overnight sensation at age 23, when All This Belongs to Me (Pamet moji babicce), her first novel, was published in Czech in 2002. All This Belongs to Me chronicles the lives of three generations of women in a Mongolian family. The novel won a Magnesia Litera Prize as Discovery of the Year, and was voted Book of the Year by the Czech daily Lidové noviny. She has since established herself as one of the most exciting upcoming novelists in Europe today.  Hulova has already published seven novels and her works have been translated to English, French, German, Italian and Polish. It is the first time Hulova´s writings are being presented to the Korean public. For this occassion, two novels have been chosen – Plastic Three-bedroom Apartment, which won Jiří Orten Prize, and Bohemia, The Promised Land, so far her latest novel.


Plastic Three-bedroom Apartment

The story is presented through a confession of a prostitute as she becomes old and comes to terms with her life, remembers everything she went through and describes, sometimes with humor, all the years earning her living by the oldest profession. The novel, rather than being an obscene literature for gentlemen, is more of excellent entertainment, although after the first few pages you end up asking yourself in bewilderment whether the author is being serious here or not.


Bohemia, The Promised Land

The main character, a Ukrainian woman, is coming to the Czech Republic in order to make money. The story attempts to cope with the stereotypes concerning Ukrainians, Czech employers, non-profit organizations, as well as with the genre of „gastarbeit novel“, which sometimes reduces the lives of its characters to a simple fight for a decent material existence and family happiness.



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26 Mar 2014


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