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27 May 2015 20:00

Prague Chamber Ballet at festival Modafe

Performance Guess How Many Stars Are There by the largest Czech independent professional dance company, the Prague Chamber Ballet.


Guess How Many Stars Are There
To fall into one’s soul and to search around its content, to step out of oneself and to search for another person within, to open one’s mind and to wander around boundless space. A choreography loosely inspired by Jack London’s novel The Star Rover in which the central character, tied in a jacket, sedates his body so as to stimulate his soul. This enables him to wander through boundless space made of other people’s lives and to get to know the soul of mankind. It is a story of freedom and spiritual power and their capacity of overcoming all wretchedness of body and flying up to the stars.


Music Arvo Pärt, Štěpán Polanský
Choreography Hana Polanská Turečková
Concept Hana Turečková, Pavel Kotlík
Light design Pavel Kotlík
Premiere 21.9.2012, Theatre Ponec Prague
Performing Jitka Tůmová and Patrik Čermák
Duration 19 minutes


The Prague Chamber Ballet is the largest Czech independent professional dance company. Beginnings reach into 1964 when Luboš Ogoun, Pavel Šmok and Vladimír Vašut founding Studio Ballet Prague. To the original idea of Ballet Prague choreographer Pavel Šmok continues in 1975 under a name Prague Chamber Ballet. Formation of this body signified a great break in the development of in those days Czechoslovakian ballet. Especially choreographies of Pavel Šmok, at the same time also visiting Czech and foreign choreographies (L.Vaculík, P.Zuska, J.Kylián, R.North, Ch.Bruce, P.Delacroix, P.de Ruiter, J.Hackman, J.Kodet, J.Przybylowicz, L.Holánková and others) were on the repertory.  In nearly half a century of successful activity and art production the group went through goal-directed and successful development, it became important representative of dance art of Czech Republic and the Capital city Prague abroad (Israel, Lebanon, India, China, Australia, Cuba, Taiwan, Germany, Luxembourg, Thailand) and gained many substantial awards (Czech literary fund prize for the best choreography, Thálie awards for extraordinary stage performances, Czech Republic dance association prizes, etc.).
The present face of Prague Chamber Ballet is represented by 8 regular and 6 external dancers, who are managing extensive motion list from techniques based on classical dance, through techniques of modern and contemporar dance and techniques based on improvisation. Dancers have rich experience from stone theatres and also alternative dances scenes in Czech Republic or abroad. Since the season of 2013/2014 the residential choreographer Hana Polanská Turečková together with longtime soloist and pedagogue Kateřina Dedková - Franková continues in the tradition of innovative and progressive company with Czech and international repertoire with a clear respect to the preservation of original works by Pavel Šmok. Approached by the young generation of successful and creative Czech and foreign choreographers (H.Turečková, Ji-Eun Lee, J.Greben & U.Ivgi, M.Radačovský, J.Pokorný, L.Vágnerová, etc).

More here: http://www.modafe.org/modafe2015/english/program_view.asp?idx=29


Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall


27 May 2015 20:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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