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6 Apr 2019 - 7 Apr 2019

Olga Stehlíková at The European Poetry Festival

Czech poet, editor and critic Olga Stehlíková is coming to The European Poetry Festival, which is bringing over 70 of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic literary and avant-garde poets to London, Norwich, Manchester, and Dublin for 9 events over 2 weeks in April.


Olga Stehlíková 
will take part in the following two events:

The European Camarade
April Saturday 6th, 7.30 pm / Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA
Free event
A remarkable event where 34 poets in 17 pairs from 25 countries will present brand new collaborations of literary performance, made especially for the night at Rich Mix, near Brick Lane, London. The grand event of the festival, a celebration of contemporary European poetry and the possibilities of collaboration.
The Camarade is a way to bring together dozens of European poets to London to collaborate, perform and to build connections that will last for decades. The event has become a mainstay of The Enemies Project and is the tradition on which the festival has been founded. Collaboration inculcates not only an open, welcoming atmosphere at live literary events, but inherently inspires innovation in the works being performed.

Back into the Mouth: celebrating Sound & Performance
April Sunday 7th, 7.30 pm / Iklektic Artlab, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London
Fee event

An event concentrating on the possibilities of sound and liveness in poetry, evidencing the remarkable renaissance in avant-garde and innovative practise across Europe. At the forefront of this movement are a series of poets exploring the possibilities of performance, space, time and voice - this is a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the possibilities of an old art in a new century. 
With new performances by Maja Jantar, Fabian Faltin, Leonce Lupette, Avgi Lilli, Alessandro Burbank, Dovydas Laurinaitis, Cosmin Perta, Yekta, Robert Elekes, Iga Maria Szczepańska, Pierre Alferi, Michael Fehr, Ida Borjel and Olga Stehlíková.


OLGA STEHLÍKOVÁ works as a freelance writer, editor and critic with a focus on contemporary Czech literature. She has edited dozens of books of poetry and prose for various Czech publishing houses. Her debut book of poetry, Weeks (2014), won the Magnesia Litera Book Prize for poetry.  In 2017 she created  Vejce/Eggs, a collection of  Czech-English couplets with translator David Vichnar, published together with an LP of Tomáš Braun's  accompanying music. In 2018 she published the poetry collection Vykřičník jak stožár Exclamation as a Pole and, together with Milan Ohnisko, the poetry collection Za lyrický subjekt For a Lyrical Subject (under the pseudonym of Jaroslava Oválská). Two books for children are to be published in 2019.

Olga Stehlíková: Weeks (2014) Olga Stehlíková: Eggs (Couplets)

Part of European Literature Festival




Rich Mix, London / Iklektic Artlab, London


From: 6 Apr 2019
To: 7 Apr 2019


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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