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22 Feb 2019 18:30

Ophelia's Last Supper - exploring embodiment in film & performance

An evening exploring themes of female embodiment, the effects of sensual and sensory immersion, while testing the loose boundaries between inside and outside, through film and performance. Curated by Tereza Stehlikova and featuring Amy Neilson Smith, William Summers, Tereza Kamenicka and Nuala Clooney.


22 FEBRUARY 2019, 6.30 PM
Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ


PROGRAMME includes:

A PREMIERE of a short film Ophelia’s Last Supper, 2018 by Tereza Stehlíková

"The film inspired by Millais famous painting and explores a reoccurring theme in my work: transformation of the act of eating into a kind of internal journey, where the fluid boundaries between our interior and exterior worlds, which our senses mediate between, become dissolved. Another source of inspiration is the Futurist Cookbook by FT Marinetti. Ever since reading it I became intrigued by the potential of using food and ingestion as a medium of subversion and play, fuelled by imagination. In this film Ophelia slowly merges with the element of water, ingesting the landscape that will later ingest her. The act of beautification, by definition surface is, through ingestion, internalised, while the interior becomes exposed.Tereza Stehlikova

Performance by actress Tereza Kamenickábuilding on the themes explored in Ophelia's Last Supper through a live, interactive performance.

Screening of Sweet Muscle Flexing, 2018 short film by Tereza Stehlikova, from an ongoing collaboration with performer Tereza Kamenicka and artist Nuala Clooney.

Performance by artist Nuala Clooney

Performance by artist Amy Neilson Smith

Classical music composed and improvised by William Summers, ‘Millais’ Ophelia’ poem, written and performed by Amy Neilson Smith.

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Photo is a still from Ophelia’s Last Supper, featuring Tereza Kamenicka








Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ


22 Feb 2019 18:30


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