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Cosy Dens

This retro-comedy set at the end of 1967 and 1968, the time of the Prague spring, was a Czech box-office hit of two years ago.


In the sixteenth century Prague Ghetto, a ‘living man’ was made from clay to protect the Jews from persecution. It was the Golem, the legend that has inspired doo-cot’s new show. Online booking at...

Wild Flowers

Director F. A. Brabec will introduce Wild Flowers and Wedding Shirt - two films based on poems by K. J. Erben.

Raindance Film Festival

Czech Shorts Programme will be screened on Thursday 6th November at midday at UGC Haymarket Screen 3 and includes the following films: The Day by Jan Peml, Farewell by Jana Kalousova, ElFilm by...

Czech Film Poster of the 20th Century

La Dolce Vita or Roma are just a few examples of visually impressive film posters featured in this selection complementing the New Bohemians season.

New Bohemians

A film festival celebrating the best in contemporary Czech cinema.

New Bohemians Tour

A film festival presenting the best in contemporary Czech cinema; including Pupendo by Jan Hrebejk, Faithless Games by Michaela Pavlatova and Wild Bees by Bohdan Slama.

London Film Festival

The following films will be shown as part of the 47th London Film Festival: Cruel Joys (Krute radosti) 26 Oct. 21:00 NFT1 and Mon 27 Oct. 16:00 NFT2 Small Town (Mestecko) 26 Oct. 18:30 NFT1...

DOCU-MONDAYS online: A series of Czech documentaries online

The Czech Centres in collaboration with VOD platform Dafilms present a series of Czech documentaries screened online for free in June

Prague Spring Online

As spring has unquestionably arrived with a new palette of colours, scents and fresh energy despite the ongoing challenging context of the Covid pandemic which, despite continuing to alter our lives...

Musicians to Scientists - Live Stream

Czech musicians would like to thank CTU in Prague, a team of scientists, partners, donors and contributors.

Dividlo by Jiří Stivín

The Czech Centres will bring this show to audiences around the globe from Athens, Brussels, Berlin, Bratislava, Warsaw or Bucharest, via London, Moscow, Munich, New York, Paris, Rotterdam, Rome, to...


Live concert will be streaming on Saturday 21st March. Start: 8pm local time in Prague, Czech Republic.

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