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Wihan Quartet

With their unique and spellbinding sound, The WIHAN QUARTET has made an impact in concert venues around the world. Heirs of the great school of Czech playing, the Quartet takes its name from Hanus...

The London International Gypsy Film Festival: Finding Romanistan

The two-week festival, the first of its type and size in the UK, will offer a unique chance to view 30 programmes of features, documentaries and short films celebrating the extraordinary culture and...


I'mpulse 6 @ Cargo. Top Slovak female pop star comes with slower rhythms and melancholic moods. Support from band Para. Plus DJs and visuals

Human Rights Watch - 10th International Film Festival

22 films from 20 countries including Czech documentary Source (Zdroj).

Ales Najbrt joins Pech Kucha Night

Ales Najbrt, the first Czech participant of an increasingly trendy Pecha Kucha, is a leading graphic designer, a popular performer best known from Tros Sketos or from duo Thomas&Ruhller as well as a...

Fun before Easter!

Come and have fun with your children before Easter!

Czech Jewish Culture Special

Seminar about Czech Jewish history + concert.

CONNECT - European Glass Art –2006

For keen followers of contemporary arts this is simply the must see show of 2006 – with works from more then 15 artists from five EU country’s to coincide with Collect the contemporary applied arts...

X Years of Studio of Casting Glass Pelechov – Lhotsky

A collection of both small and imposing glass exhibits celebrates the best from casting glass objects created at Pelechov in the Czech Republic, one of the largest workshops of its kind producing...

Markéta Othová

The first UK solo exhibition of Czech photographer Markéta Othová in the Photographers’ Gallery.

Katerina Seda

The first UK exhibition of the work of Katerina Seda, the youngest winner of the nation’s most prestigious Jindrich Chalupecky Prize ...

Jakub Hosek

A painter Jakub Hosek, shortlisted for the Jindrich Chalupecky Prize 2005, is participating in the series of exhibitions which introduce the work of artists from the expanded EU, Arrivals.


Bushcraft will blend their hypnotic rhythms and heart stirring melody with a room-motivating funk and soul. Support from one of the most successful Czech band the Kollerband. Plus DJs and visuals.

Valentines Party

6 hours of entertainment with world as wll as Czech music.

Land Locked: New Photography and Video from the Czech Republic

The exhibition introduces the current Czech photographic scene highlighting emerging artists whilst attempting to define its specifics as well as its relations to contemporary world photography.

Cuba's home-grown Guantanamo

In March 2003, the Cuban government arrested 75 members of the democratic opposition, journalists, librarians and trade unions representatives for supposed ‘collaboration with a foreign power against...

The New Vision for the New Architecture: Czechoslovakia 1918-1938

Stunning architectural photographs made in collaboration between avant-garde architects and photographers in the 1920s and 30s.

The Bartered Bride

Opera goes to the circus in a colourful bitter-sweet comedy of love and village life.

Yantras – powerful diagrams

Diagrams, which rise from an ancient Indian and Tibetan tradition, have profound continuities going accross Oriental and old European cultures, which have examined the Universal order. Yantras...

Kinoautomat; One Man and His House

The first interactive cinema ever! Come and vote for your story.

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