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Piano Eccentric

Jazz music in combination with classical elements and traditional folk sources from each country.

Golden violin with Jiri Stivin & Dalibor Krvavy

The SENSATIONAL Golden Violins, Jiri Stivin & Dalibor Karvay play with a light touch, yet burst with energy.


A concert of unconventional Czech acoustic ensemble which combines classical instrumentation with a light rock/ progressive musical setting.

Double Affair (SK) + Stephunk (CZ)

A concert of alternative music / break beat as a part of Pulse Festival 2006.


Imbued with playful humour, melancholy, passion, courage Czechomor’s unique brand of Czech folk/world music evokes images of their homeland and the nature of its people.

Pulse Festival 2006

Now in its second year, the Pulse Festival 2006 promotes the best of East and Central European music and culture from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Fashion in Film Festival 2006: “Between Stigma and Enigma”

“Between Stigma and Enigma” is the first edition of a new Fashion in Film Festival held in three London venues: Ciné lumière (French Institute), the Horse Hospital, and the Institute of Contemporary...

Pavel Sporcl in London

Four concerts of Pavel Sporcl who ranks among the foremost representatives of today’s young generation of violinists.

Katerina Seda in Conversation

Katerina Seda, freelance curator and critic Karel Cisar and Andrew Nairne, Director of MAO will discuss Seda’s artistic practice in the context of new art from the Czech Republic.

Challenge and Change: Decorative Arts and Glass in the Czech Republic in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Accompanying the stunning exhibition of glass from the internationally renowned Lhotsky Studio in the University Art Gallery at Grand Parade will be a day-long seminar that explores the place of...

Czech Dream

Free filmscreening as an accompanying programme to Katerina Seda’s exhibition in Modern Art Oxford.

Ivan Margolius - Reflections of Prague: Journeys through the 20th century

A new book by Ivan Margolius to be published by John Wiley & Sons, London in April 2006. The major events, upheavals, suffering and triumphs of the 20th century.

Vasulka Lab, 1969 –2005

Vasulka Lab is the first UK touring exhibition of seminal works by pioneering media artists Woody & Steina Vasulka who have had their hands on origin and development of video art and media art in New...

Wihan Quartet

With their unique and spellbinding sound, The WIHAN QUARTET has made an impact in concert venues around the world. Heirs of the great school of Czech playing, the Quartet takes its name from Hanus...

The London International Gypsy Film Festival: Finding Romanistan

The two-week festival, the first of its type and size in the UK, will offer a unique chance to view 30 programmes of features, documentaries and short films celebrating the extraordinary culture and...


I'mpulse 6 @ Cargo. Top Slovak female pop star comes with slower rhythms and melancholic moods. Support from band Para. Plus DJs and visuals

Human Rights Watch - 10th International Film Festival

22 films from 20 countries including Czech documentary Source (Zdroj).

Ales Najbrt joins Pech Kucha Night

Ales Najbrt, the first Czech participant of an increasingly trendy Pecha Kucha, is a leading graphic designer, a popular performer best known from Tros Sketos or from duo Thomas&Ruhller as well as a...

Fun before Easter!

Come and have fun with your children before Easter!

Czech Jewish Culture Special

Seminar about Czech Jewish history + concert.

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