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Czech Dream

A provocative and highly entertaining documentary about the media, marketing and the urge to shop and consume.

Bata-ville: We Are Not Affraid of the Future

London launch of a full-length documentary based on the links between East Tilbury and the global Bata shoe-making empire.

Radoslav Kvapil in Concert

Radoslav Kvapil is considered by many international critics to be the most important Czech pianist and the finest exponent of Czech piano music.

The End of the Second World War in Bohemian Culture

This one-day conference, which is intended to mark sixty years since the end of the Second World War, will discuss a brief period of Czech cultural history that was seen for nearly fifty years...

Bata-ville: We Are Not Affraid of the Future

Full-length documentary based on the links between East Tilbury and the global Bata shoe-making empire.

Klubko Party

Party for Czech and Slovak children and their parents.

Cajthaml + Jelinkova

These two artists, living and working in the Czech Republic, work with the media that their country is best known for - glass and printmaking.


Czechomor's transformations of traditional Czech village music using electric violins, hot/sensational drums and rich voices create a vibrant atmosphere wherever they perform.

Czechoslovak Festival Weekend

V.E. Day Czechoslovak Festival Weekend will be held in Aston Abbotts to celebrate the 60th anniversary of V.E.Day.

hidden europe: datatransfer: czech moving image

This programme covers creme de la creme of the last decade of Czech digital film. Short films, music videos, jingles, ads by internationally renowned directors such as Ivan Zachariáš, Tomáš Mašín,...


Czech puppet group Karromato will take part in the 1st International Festival of Puppet Theatre - Dynamics 05.

Poetry and Transgression: The Films of Jaromil Jires

Retrospective of Czech director Jaromil Jires as part of the Leeds Film Quarter festival.


Concert of a top rock Slovak band.

Mind the Step

Concert of Czech jazzman Pavel Jakub Ryba, Jiri Kolmann and Petr Albert Venkrbec as part of the Leamington Music Festival.

Poetry and Transgression: The Films of Jaromil Jires

Film retrospective of Czech director Jaromil Jires.

Hibrida 2

Twin exhibitions of contemporary printmaking by leading artists in Britain and the Czech Republic opening simultaneously in Bradford and Brno.

Rush Hour Blues: Czech Jazz at Birmingham

Chill out at Symphony Hall’s Level 3 Bar with free commuter jazz. Relax before a Friday night out on the town or sit back while the rush hour traffic slips away. Birmingham Jazz presents a series of...

The European Design Show

From McLaren Mercedes' world-beating Formula One racing cars and the first chair to be made with rapid prototyping technology, to the best-designed books, magazines and websites, the Design Museum...

Transgression, Transformation and Titillation

To launch the English publication of Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, the panellists Peter Hames, Timothy Beasley-Murray and Tanya Krziwynska will discuss the literary source as well as film...

Leamington Jazz Weekend

Jazzmen Pavel Jakub Ryba, Jiri Kollman and Petr Albert Venkrbec will perform at the Jazz Weekend.

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