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Disconnect. Connect! 2007. Architecture and comics.

The project presents diploma works of students at architectonic schools in the Czech republic, this year focusing on relations between architecture and comics.

Contemporary czech literature

As well known as yet non-established authors from Czech, Moravia and Silesia are reading and discussing in the Czech Center Prague. Across genres, subjects, poetics, and generations. Presented by...

Erklärt Europa!

An exhibition of 20 large-sized photography by Wolfgang Jung und texts by Michael Adams capturing portraits of prominent and less prominent Czechs and their opinion about Europe. Vernissage will be...

Versus architect - Cheap House vs architect

Czech Centre Prague in co-operation with the architectonic studio A1Architects prepared a series of meetings and discussions about architecture. All in all it will be eight evenings, four times they...

I am a Lounge Lizard - Pavel Štingl

Ljuba Fuchs presents in her circle of evenings with prominent personalities of Czech culture this time the documentarian Pavel Štingl.

Versus architekt - Media vs Architekt

The topic of this evening, arranged within the cycle of conversations about architecture, are media. The guests will discuss questions about the virtual picture of architecture, who creates it and...

I am a lounge lizard - Jana Drdácká

This evenings guest Ljuba Fuchs presents us in her cycle of meetings with well-known persons of czech cultural scene is the dancer Jana Drdácká.

I am a Lounge Lizard - Martin Štoll

Ljuba Fuchs presents us in her circle of meetings with prominent persons of Czech culture this time the documentarian und dramaturgist from Czech Television, Martin Stoll.

I am a Lounge Lizard - Mimi Lan Nguyen

This time Ljuba Fuchs invited in frame of her circle of meetings with well-known personalities the Vietnamese couturier Mimi Lan Nguyen.

Jiří Chmelař - Selection of Photographs from the book Then Tenth Planet

At the Czech Centre in Prague an exhibition of artworks of the artist Jiří Chmelař will take place, which will present his fanciest photos from the book "Desátá planeta" - "The Tenth Planet" in the...

Emancipation Of Women In Socialism And Today

The Gender Studies workshop themed "Emancipation Of Women in Socialism and Today" will take place at November 6, starting time 09:30pm at Czech Center Praha, Rytířská 31, Praha 1.

The Days Of Poetry

This year's, in a row already eighth "Days of Poetry" will take place in more than forty towns everywhere in the Czech Republic between November 9 and November 23. The event, themed this year "Kde...


Presentation of Studio of Graphic Design and New Media at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design is the part of this year's Designblok. Opening October 3rd, 6 p.m. at Czech centre Prague,...

Short Distances - Jaroslav Šonský

In the course of the already triennial cycle "Conversation Without Limits", which is arranged by the International Czech Club, a dialogue will occur in ČC Prague with two artists, whose musical...

Alois Nebel - My Life

The unconventional exhibition documents the life of the dispatcher Alois Nebel, who became a star due to the homonymous black and white cult comic of Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromir 99. His station "Bilý...

Versus Architect

Czech Centre Prague in co-operation with the architectonic studio A1Architects prepared a series of meetings and discussions about architecture. All in all it will be eight evenings, four times they...

Contemporary Russian Caricatures

On November 8th, 7p.m. will be the opening of the exhibition of contemporary Russian caricatures at Czech Centre Prague. Visistors will have the opportunity to have a look at 70 pictures of the two...

Sperm Soiree

The first Sperm Soiree will take place on last friday in November at Czech Centre Prague, where the facilities of the reconstructed gallery and the original cellar are connected. In offer will be a...

Daria In and Out

BALLET-DANCER'S PHOTOGRAPHER AND PHOTOGRAPHER'S BALLET-DANCER Exhibition of photographs by the Ebglish National Ballet first soloist Daria Kliment and the Prague photographer Petr Našic. The...

Literature Night / Noc literatury

Czech centre Prague, the centre aimed to present the objectives of the Czech centres in the Czech republic itself, will open on 20th April 2006. On this occasion, Czech centre Prague in cooperation...

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