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7 Mar 2019 - 10 Mar 2019

Czech Artists at SCOPE New York 2019

Painter Jan Vytiska and sculptor Michal Cimala will present their work at SCOPE New York 2019.



Prague-based The Chemistry Gallery was asked by the orginazers of SCOPE art fair to exhibit the work of Czech artists in New York. The Chemistry Gallery chose painter Jan Vytiska and sculptor and designer Michal Cimala. SCOPE takes place at the same time as the Armory Show which has been one of the biggest events of its kind since 1913. This will not been the first time The Chemistry Gallery exhibits work of Czech artists in New York. They were participating at SCOPE and Volta also last year. 

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Jan Vytiska
Jan Vytiska’s paintings follow in the specific tradition of contemporary Czech popsurrealist painting. Working with a street-art aesthetic and applying a precise painterly technique, Vytiska takes pop culture, significantly updated using elements of rural mythology and folklore, and shifts it into the realm of fantasy. It is almost as if the fictitious anthropomorphic ghouls in his works had emerged from the naïve dreamworlds of ancient societies. Be that as it may, the aesthetic of his eerie surreal stories, with their violence and many horror scenes, is more reminiscent of contemporary animated films for grownups. The visions presented here remain uncompromisingly unreal. (Mira Keratová)


Michal Cimala
Born in 1975 in Havířov, lives and works in Prague as a sculptor, painter, designer and DJ. Co-founder of Trafačka studios and Trafo gallery, where he took part in several exhibitions and organized many cultural events. Since 2006 he works as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague at the Sculpture Studio led by Jaroslav Róna, from 2013 led by Lukáš Rittstein. Meanwhile he keeps working on his own projects.


123 W 18th Street, New York, 10011


From: 7 Mar 2019
To: 10 Mar 2019


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