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13 Oct 2006 00:00 - 00:00

Short Distances - Jaroslav Šonský

In the course of the already triennial cycle "Conversation Without Limits", which is arranged by the International Czech Club, a dialogue will occur in ČC Prague with two artists, whose musical kinship overcomes a distance of thousands of kilometres. The Czech violinist Jaroslav Šonský, living in Sweden, and the Brazilian pianist Patricia Bretas, ranking among the top interpreters, whose mission became the joint propagation of the national kulture of theis countries. And this not only in the Czech Republic and in Brazil, but also in Sweden, Hungary, Luxembourg and further European countries, where they give concerts during their joint tour.




Beside the cooperation of both interpretes, thanks to which the Czech auditors may get acquainted with the a little bit exotic Brasilian music and vice versa, the dialogue's subject will be the new big project of Jaroslav Šonský, too. For the 50th anniversary of the death of Bohuslav Martinů in the year 2009 he prepares it together with the Budapest Spring Festival, the Czech-hungarian club BOHEMIA, winner of the Gratias Agit award 2003, the Czech Centre in Budapest and the Bohuslav-Martinů-Institute in Prague. Scilicet in the year 2009 the largest Hungarian music festival will be devoted to Czech music and first of all just the opus of B. Martinů.

Bohuslav Martinů's music is an important element in both artists´ repertoire and you will hear this in an interesting audio and video sample, too, which will present Bohuslav Martinů as a composer of suprising various styles.

Two days after the dialogue, on October, 15th at 2p.m. Patricia Bretas and Jaroslav Šonský will perform in the  House By The Stone Bell,  „Dům U Kamenného Zvonu“. Tickets for the concert for the bargain price of 120 CZK for visitors of the dialogue will be available after its end in Czech centre, tickets for the full price of 150CZK will be available at the venue of the concert and on the homepage of Ticketpro.cz.


Jaroslav Šonský

            The Czech violinist lives in Sweden. He studied at the Prague conservatory under prof. Břetislav Ludvík and at the Academy Of Performing Arts under prof. Alexander Plocka. After graduation he worked at the Czech philharmonic orchestra and at the symphony orchestra of  czech broadcast. In the year 1975 he emigrated to Sweden. In this new sphere of action he started intensive activity both as soloist and as chamber-musician, later especially in the ensemble EPOS-TRIO-BERLIN.

            He performed in the Scandinavian countries, in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania, Kenya, Canada, Brazil and Japan. He played for broadcast stations in Stockholm, Bucharest, and Vancouver, for German broadcast stations Süddeutscher Rundfunk and Südwestfunk, for Radio Athen, CBC Canada and Radio do Brazil. For a time of six months Jaroslav Šonský worked as visiting professor for violin and chamber play at the University Of Music in Brandon, Canada. Since 2001 he gives concerts with the Brazil's leading pianist, Patricia Bretas, together they completed several tours through Europe and Brazil. In the year of 2003 Jaroslav Šonský performed with the Epos-Trio Berlin in the castle „Schloss Bellevue“ on the occasion of the handover of the national awards by the German president Johannes Rau, and this at the last official visit of president Václav Havel in Berlin.

For the propagation of the Czech Republic's good name abroad Jaroslav Šonský got the nationalaward „Jan Masaryk Gratias Agit“. With this high decoration he was awarded in June of 2003 by the Minister of foreign affairs.



Patricia Bretas

            Winner of many national and international competitions, she belongs today to the most prestigious brazilian pianists. Since the beginning of her career she focussed on spreading brazilian music abraod and the interpretation of  a worldwide repertoire, which was not played in Brazil overmuch.

            Patricia Bretas was born in Rio de Janeiro and during her studies at the local federal university she gained a lot of interpretative experiences as well as soloist and as chamber musician. Among her professors were worldwide known persons as Maria da Penha, Marian Dauelsberg from Brazil, Eliane Richepin from France or Peter Lang from Austria.

            As soloist she performed at international piano-festivals (Annency, Epinal, Salzburg) and presented herself there with the Brazilian symphony orchestra. In the year 1995 she finished first at the Artlivre International Piano Competition in Sao Paulo. Since this time she made records for broadcast, television and CD and she carried a series of outstanding performances in Brazil, France and Great Britain.


Jaroslav Šonský a Patricia Bretas

Performed first time together in November 2001 in the Guiomar Novaes Hall in Rio de Janeiro. Their systematic cooperation was natural consequence of the magnificent success of their debut and their apparent musical kinship. One of the aims of this duo is the presentation and konfrontation of the musical roots of both Members and the reciporcal propagation of their nations culture abroad.

            In the year 2002 they presented the brazilian prime minister the „Third Sonate for Violin and Piano“ from Bohuslav Martinů. In January 2003 they undertook their first joint tour in Sweden, where they played as world premiere „Moderato Cantabile for Violin and Pliano“ from the Brazilian composer Ronaldo Miranda. This tours last concert was recorded by svedish broadcast. Since this time they undertook together already 6 Brazilian and 5 Czech tours, in the course of which they performed in Sweden and Hungary, too. They played for example at the international festival in Junsele or in the course of the chamber music cycle of the symphony orchestra FOK in Prague. Here they implemented their joint recording project as well (2003). The Repertoire connects the best music of czech and brazilian composers, both famous and less known.


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13 Oct 2006 00:00 - 00:00


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