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24 Nov 2006 00:00 - 00:00

Sperm Soiree

The first Sperm Soiree will take place on last friday in November at Czech Centre Prague, where the facilities of the reconstructed gallery and the original cellar are connected. In offer will be a concert of the young electronical group MIDI LIDI from Brno, a projection of DVD Antenna UK showing the latest trends of British audivisual creations and a presentation/workshop of/about musical software. The programme is completed by a projection of blocs of videoclips prepared by the curator and an eclectic dj set.




Sperm Soiree is a series of non-commercial action, whose aim is to stimulate the local sorrounding of  the experimantal-eletronical music and audiovisual scene. It ties in with the Sperm Festival, with takes place each year in Frebruary and generates a platform for unbroken presentation of new national and, as far as circumstances permitting, also international artists.

With presentations and workshops the project faces up to the challenge of demonstrating and gaining hands-on experience of  the opportunities of state-of-the-art musical and visual software and other technologies.







18:00 DVD: Pixel Pirate I

Length: 58 min.


19:00 Presentation: Open Touch

Interactive Installation from „Clada a Psychoze“. The attempt to provide an insight to the future of communication between human-beeings an computers. Keyboard, mice, touchpad, tablet, this everything is replacable with one simple device, which everybody is able ton install at home by himself.


20:00 DVD: Microscopic Sessions 2.0

The Label DS-X from Dresden consecrates itself since long time to the publication and promotion of the experimanta-eletronical scene. The DVD Microscope Sessionns  is the cream of the crop of a series of concert of the same name, it documents the fusion of seventeen exclusive teamworks between sound- and visual-artists into an unique, symbiotique entity.

Length: 90 min.


21:30 Videoko: EGA/VGA

From todays point of view the graphical and artistical options of these video-standards seems to be primitive and old-fashioned, antiquated. This cross-section represents the best of this genre and shows its very special, strong aesthetics, ranging from poetic text-art to an opera in 8-bit.

Curator: Michal Brenner

Length: ca. 40 min.


22:00 DVD: Antena UK, Vol. 3

Great Britain has an outstanding reputation as country with an immense creative potential in literature, fine arts und music. In present time it’s as well known as centre of directors and producers, whose opus is setting worldwide trends. Antenna UK vol. 3 features the newest video clips of british directors, produced for bands like Chikinki, Architecture in Helsinki or LCD Soundsystem.

In the part named „Profile“ we present the work of a director or, like in this case, on a group of four creators, which produced under the excellent London label Shynola video clips amongst others for Radiohead, The Rapture and Blur. The projection is presented in co-operation with British Council. Prague premiere!

Length: 75 min.


23:30 Videoko: The Eternal Return

The role of explaining matters pertaining to existence, genesis and nature of the world could be fullfilled by myths, symbols and rituals. And this although these concepts are nowadays practically displaced by the idea of the linear lapse of time and the faith in neverending development and progress.

Let’s try to engage in the different, but also well-known archaivc world.

Curator:  David Beránek

Length: ca. 50 min.


Videoko: Trash Aesthetics

Painted models, strong cars and spruced up 3D-animations,.. in any case, not in this way!

Contrariwise, to the intended decomposition and deconstruktion of the picture is the direction, where many video clip productions move to.

Curator: Michal Brenner

Length: ca. 25 minut





18:00 Videoko: The Worst of Hip-Hop vol. 1

Hip-Hop developed at the end of last centuries seventies in black Ghettos in the USA,when old sections was detached from music and combined with pure rythmical elements. In the nineties it became pop.

This year Uncle Busta beat up teenagers, which by mistake hit the engine hood of his car.

Curator: David Beránek

Length: ca. 50 min.



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24 Nov 2006 00:00 - 00:00


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