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6 May 2007 00:00 - 3 Jun 2007 00:00

Surveillance Cinema: The Ear (Ucho)

Karel Kachyna’s banned film from a communist surveillance society, The Ear (Ucho), is a part Surveillance Cinema season looking at some of the films that have predicted futures as well as reflected the social and political contexts that produced them.


The Ear (Ucho) (12A)

Director: Karel Kachyna. Starring: Jirina Bohdalová, Radoslav Brzobohaty. Czechoslovakia 1970. 91 mins. Czech with English subtitles.

Made in 1970, THE EAR was immediately banned by the Czech authorities and remained unseen in Czechoslovakia for 20 years, until it was finally released after the Velvet Revolution. This landmark film is an extraordinary combination of one of the most direct indictments of life under an oppressive totalitarian system and a not-so-private examination of a disintegrating marital relationship.

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The Gate Cinema, Notting Hill
May 6 - The Ear (Ucho)
Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton
May 27 - The Ear (Ucho)
Greenwich Picturehouse
June 3 - The Ear (Ucho)

Harbour Lights, Southampton
May 19 - The Ear (Ucho)
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To buy the film on DVD go to http://www.secondrundvd.com/release_ear.php



30 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QY London
United Kingdom


From: 6 May 2007 00:00
To: 3 Jun 2007 00:00


Surveillance Cinema

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