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28 Jan 2015 - 31 Jan 2015

Teatr Novogo Fronta & Clipa Theater: With Unarmed Forces. Again

Due to its success, the Czech-Russian ensemble Teatr novogo fronta is returning to Israel in order to introduce, together with the Clipa Theatre, a revised version of their joint physical theater performance “With Unarmed Forces”. The subject matter of this production, based on the principle of manipulation with objects, was conceived in 2012, when both theater groups experienced a rocket raid on Tel Aviv. Partners: Clipa Theatre.

With Unarmed Forces is a physical theater piece based on object manipulation. A tragi-comical piece about war, sex and trash. This new piece by Teatr Novoga Fronta and Clipa Theater takes Clipa away from its theatrical style, towards a fresh and provocative attempt to deal with social-political middle-eastern themes.

 A couple is safely enclosed from the outside world, where an endless war is raging. They are engaged in arguments and fights, trying to conceal the sorrow and mourning of the death of their son at war. Their unhappily ever after is interrupted by an unexpected invasion of an army defector, that quickly destroys all their defenses. The three launch a physical, mental and experimental attack on each other and are pushed to total destruction and chaos, by the spirit of a war – a sad superhero in the shape of a wounded child soldier.

 The performers bravely dance into the density of human intolerance, hatred and a desire to make war, not love.  And so, in a massive display of power loss, they compose pictures of rare beauty, that only destruction can display, and hopelessly warped them in brutal humor. 

"The creative imagination of the collaborators constructs surprising, dynamic, funny and cruel stage scenes, with a mind-blowing use of simple, everyday objects…tons of originality."

Yediot Acharonot Newspaper, Israel


"This performance fully fulfils its titles…I was curiously following the ingenuity, the physical ability and the articulate talent to create extremely complex mechanism of objects with very simple means".

Haaretz Newspaper, Israel


"Gradually, the whole stage turns into a playground of visual innovations, object theater, dance, sound and words…It's clear that this collaboration has pushed Clipa to explore avant-garde and experimental directions and this is awesome…the exquisite ideas of Herman and Tyulpanov and their technique is fascinating…"

Time Out, Israel


"The fabric of the piece consists of images of hereditary homelessness, God’s punishments, postmodern excess, chronic neurosis, infantile games, and sometimes rises up to images of cruel humor, worthy of Father Ubu…"

Divadelní noviny, Czech Republic


Directing: Idit Herman 

Performing: Idit Herman, Irina Andreeva, Dmitry Tyulpanov, Achilleas Chariskos Sound: Dmitry Tyulpanov Lighting: Uri Morag








About the TNF

The origin of Teatr Novogo Fronta lies in St. Petersburg, Russia, where this theatre company was established in 1993. The first performance "Vremja Durak" (The Time The Stupid, '94) was presented on their first European tour and its theme was the fear of what the future in Russia might hold. After the tour, Teatr Novogo Fronta settled in Prague, Czech Republic.

Teatr Novogo Fronta's creativity and stage presentation is impressive both in its scale and variety, ranging from street theatre and improvised sets to exacting and directed plays on classical theatre stages. Performances of the Teatr Novogo Fronta are constructed from images which stand on the frontier between mysticism and abstraction, circus art and modern dance, where the main force is the action, improvisation and tension amplified by the ridiculousness of human tragedy.










Wednesday / 28 January 2015 / 8:30 pm 
Thursday, 29 January 2015 / 8:30 pm
Friday / 30 January 2015 / 10 pm
Saturday / 31 January 2015 / 8:30 pm

Supported by: City Council of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Israeli Embassy in Prague, ECF, Teatro NoD.







Theatre Clipa, 38 HaRakevet St., Tel Aviv


From: 28 Jan 2015
To: 31 Jan 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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