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19 Nov 2016 22:00

Greedy Tiffany

Pepa drinks cheap booze making a living robbing cottages and pawning the stolen goods. When he stumbles upon video footage pointing to a mysterious treasure, he sets off on a hunt armed with a metal detector. As the craving for money fights his sense of self-preservation and moral scruples he develops a cunning plan to unearth the sinister prize. An amusing minimalist allegory about the dark side of human nature and the unhealthy pursuit of prosperity.

Andy Fehu, CZ 2015, 75 min
Cast: Leoš Noha, Jiří Panzner, Pjeer Van Eck
English subtitles

Followed by The Greedy Tiffany party until 2 am.

Online booking
Admission: £5 / £3

In collaboration with Czech and Slovak Stories.


Part of Made in Prague Festival
5 Nov - 2 Dec 2016




Deptford Cinema, 39 Deptford Broadway, London SE8 4PQ


19 Nov 2016 22:00


Czech Centre

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