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28 Mar 2019 19:00

Timebox - Echoes of Ji.hlava 2nd Edition

JI.HLAVA INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL - the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, the festival is a celebration of creative documentary films. Ji.hlava pays tribute to courage and risk in the human spirit, highlighting documentaries with significant topics as artwork. Showcase presents a selection of 2017 and 2018 winning films.

7PM in the Cinema

Director: Nora Agapi, Romania, 2018, 69 min.

The Romanian documentary film Timebox was awarded the Best Central and East European Documentary Film at the International Documentary Film Festival Ji.hlava in 2018.

Professor Ioan-Matei Agapi, an 80-year-old photographer and cameraman from Iași, Romania, owns a unique collection of 16mm films and photographs documenting almost fifty years of the city’s history. His daughter, also a filmmaker, has decided to make a film about her father's archives. In the unconventional surroundings of his old apartment, he reminisces about the past until one day, Ioan is informed that he must leave or be evicted from the apartment where he has spent the past 40 years. Ioan’s years of work suddenly transform into a huge burden, and the film unexpectedly changes into drama in which conflicts with city officials reveal old and hidden conflicts within the family. 

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Nora Agapi (1974) graduated from the University of Drama and Cinematography in Bucharest. Her credits as a cinematographer include several feature-length documentaries (Decoding DaciaLeaving TransylvaniaOff The Beaten Track, and more) and a number of short documentaries and fictional films. She is also a successful photographer who works with National Geographic magazine, The Sunday TimesCosmopolitan, and other major media



Please arrive ten minutes before showtime. Empty seats will be released to standby patrons, after that time.



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28 Mar 2019 19:00


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