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21 Mar 2019 19:00

Vacancy - Echoes of Ji.hlava 2nd Edition

JI.HLAVA INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL - the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, the festival is a celebration of creative documentary films. Ji.hlava pays tribute to courage and risk in the human spirit, highlighting documentaries with significant topics as artwork. Showcase presents a selection of 2017 and 2018 winning films.

7PM in the Cinema

Director: Alexandra Kandy Longuet, Belgium, 2018, 80 min.

Vacancy won the Opus Bonum award for the Best World Documentary Film at the International Film Festival Ji.hlava in 2018.

The camera observes an American motel along the main highway – just the way many of us imagine the United States. We follow four people inside the room at night, where they have been living in a kind of private purgatory for several years. Their sins are drugs, crime, and bad decisions. The slow flow of scenes and the occasionally blurred image create an atmosphere of being out of time and out of place – which is probably just where these four people, incapable of breaking free from the vicious circle of apathy, feel themselves to be. The four documentary portraits combine to form a picture of the depressing life of people nurturing a tiny flame of hope. 


Alexandra Kandy Longuet studied theater and visual arts at universities in Paris. She also co-curated many art exhibitions. After traveling through Russia and Argentina, she began to study film in Belgium. Her first documentary film As She Left (2012) won many awards at various film festivals. She won L’Étoile de la Scam for her other film Shipwrecked America (2016).



Please arrive ten minutes before showtime. Empty seats will be released to standby patrons, after that time.


Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
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21 Mar 2019 19:00


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