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12 Aug 2019 - 17 Aug 2019

Vamberk lace in Israel

Czech House Jerusalem together with the Czech Centre Tel Aviv and the Embassy of Czech Republic in Israel cordially invites you to the presentation of the Vamberk lace at the International Arts and Crafts Fair in Jerusalem. Part of the presentation will be a unique workshop for manufacturing bobbin lace. The annual fair, called Hutzot Hayotzer, is one of the Jerusalem’s highlights of the summer, if not the entire year. The festival is a great place to get inspired and purchase art and functionally designed items. Dozens of Israeli and world artists meet at this event, showcasing their creations, selling their crafts and allowing thousands to take in what creative has Jerusalem and the world to offer. The fair is held outdoors at the Sultan's Pool, one of Jerusalem’s most special venues, at the foot of the Old City. This valley and its surrounding areas sit adjacent to the permanent artist colony Hutzon Hayotzer, which gave the fair its name. Visitors can see craft work from watches to hammocks to paintings, often being sold by the original artists, and much more. The festival includes nightly live concerts and dance performances by popular Israeli artists, as well as many food stands and workshops scheduled throughout.

Vamberk Lace

The production of bobbin lace has a tradition of 400 years in Vamberk. In the 17th century it was introduced by the Belgian noblewoman Magdalena Grambová, holder of the local estate. She brought Belgian lace patterns with her, introduced bobbin lace as a labor duty, and made Vamberk the European lace center.

Male and female clothing was decorated with lace and in the 19th century, the popularity of lace from Vamberk extended to folk costumes. The skill and art of lace makers became a profitable business. There was not a single house in Vamberk, where bobbin lace would not be produced.

In 1889, a lace school was founded in Vamberk and lacework has established itself as an art craft in the following years. After the Second World War, the Vamberk Lace art association was founded, whose main goal was to build on the folk tradition and combine it with modern art.

Vamberk Lace cooperates with renowned artists, and thanks to this, it has achieved a grandiose success at the World Expo Brussels in 1958, where it won a gold and silver medal. In 1967, won another award at the world exhibition in Montreal and another hundreds awards followed.










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Khutsot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Center, Mitchell Gardens and the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater in Sultan's Pool


From: 12 Aug 2019
To: 17 Aug 2019


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