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20 Jan 2015 21:00 - 23:00

Vit Havranek about contemporary Israeli video art

On the occasion of publishing of the monograph Ruti Sela: For the Record, Vít Havránek, the director of the Initiative for Contemporary Art tranzit.cz, and Joshua Simon, the director and chief curator of Museums of Bat Yam, will introduce the personality and work of the internationally acclaimed artist and author of "constructed situations - moments of life, concretely and deliberately constructed play of events". Partners: Museums of Bat Yam, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Artport Tel Aviv.

MoBY has developed a publication together with the curatorial network tranzit from Prague. The book Ruti Sela: For the Record, which introduces one of the most acclaimed Israeli video artists, includes contributions by Eduardo Thomas, Julia Moritz and Anna Pinto and Yair Garboz, together with texts and images of Sela’s films. The monograph will be presented by its editors: Joshua Simon, the director and chief curator of MoBY, and Vit Havranek, the director of the Initiative for Contemporary Art transit.cz, at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Screenings of Ruti's selected videos and a talk with Vít Havranek will be a part of the festive evening, too.


Vít Havránek

Vít Havránek, the director of the contemporary art initiative Tranzit.cz, is a theoretician and organizer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He was a member of Tranzit.org, one of the three curatorial teams for the European contemporary art biennial Manifesta 8, held from October 2010 to January 2011 in several locations around southeast Spain. He has curated and co-curated exhibitions including Monument to Transformation, City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (2007-10); and tranzit–Auditorium, Stage, Backstage, I, series of exhibitions in three acts, Frankfurter Kunstverein, (2006). In addition to lecturing on contemporary art at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, he also serves as an associate editor of JRP|Ringier art publisher.


In 2007, Havránek co-founded Tranzitdisplay, a project with an international scope that follows current stances and trends in art, culture and everyday life. It aims to initiate and foster communication and reflection on contemporary art in a local environment. One of the aspects of tranzitdisplay’s programme concerns itself with personalities who have the need and the power to create subjective systems and their own universal models of the world.


Ruti Sela

Ruti Sela graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, and at the Film Department of the Tel Aviv University. Her work has been shown internationally at various exhibitions and venues, including the Biennale of Sydney (2006), Istanbul Biennial (2009), Berlin Biennial (2010); Manifesta 8 (2010), Israel Museum, Centre Pompidou, Paris; Art in General, New York; Chelsea Art Museum, New York,  Tel-Aviv Museum, Tate Modern, Jeu de Paume. In 2009 she initiated together with Maayan Amir The Exterritory Project on which they have won an award for young artist from the The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). She has received a number of prizes and scholarships, among them the Anselm Kiefer prize.

On the occasion of the presentation of her exhibition For the Record in Prague in the summer 2013, the following commentary has been released: Ruti Sela works with moments of life, video camera, video editing, and gallery projection. Against the backdrop of social antagonism she creates everyday situations, of which she and her camera form a part. Though at first sight her videos take the form of documentaries, in fact they are not. The creator of “constructed situations, i.e. moments of life, a concretely and deliberately constructed game of events” is not concealed, neutral, objective or impartial in the video recording. She is always visually and physically present, one of the actors, sometimes the main character. She does not represent the universal (documentary), but always the specific subject acting in a given time and space. The same goes for her camerawork. The camera – a means of “recording”, but one that within an artistic environment, thanks to editing and the status of the art work, becomes a means of controlling the image, a way of exercising power over its subjects – is frequently to be seen. In repose and in action.

Ruti Sela offers access to the everyday and constructed event and to the far from self-evident conflict of forces, persons, approaches and identities. In the interaction of these elements she stimulates and is interested in the opposing, antagonistic impulses of the actions of actors. Let’s chat about killing and the loss of human rights in the army before sexual foreplay. We’ll see just how capable students are of resistance when their teacher subjects them to genuine bullying …







Visual arts


Tel Aviv Cinematheque, 2 Sprinzak St., Tel Aviv

20. 1. 2015 9 p.m. – 11 p.m.


Admission free (no tickets).

The Czech Center in Tel Aviv is a co-organizer of event.


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Tel Aviv Cinematheque, 2 Sprinzak St., Tel Aviv


20 Jan 2015 21:00 - 23:00


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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