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14 Sep 2019 - 22 Sep 2019

Vividbooks & Nyiny Chairs: UMPRUM at the London Design Festival

Two graduates of the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague present their latest work. Adam Štok has created a furniture collection which combines proven technology with designs that minimise production costs and maintain the highest functional and aesthetic standards. The captivating result is NYINY CHAIRS. Vítek Škop‘s VIVID BOOKS project attracts children to the study of Science by creating augmented reality through the use of tablet technology and symbols from supplied worksheets which transform science topics into moving interactive images.

Adam Štok undertook his design diploma thesis by researching how steel profiles are manufactured using hydraulic press technology in order to create a furniture collection that would utilise proven technology to minimise production burdens with the benefit of maintaining the highest function and concept standards. Adam carried out a series of tests of this stress-centric process, allowing him to imagine designs with uniform utility married to aesthetic quality. The captivating result is the NYINY CHAIRS. The signature feature of each piece is an attractive segment of pre-formed tubing connecting the backrest to the back legs. This steel manipulation technology can take as little as 30 seconds while producing a unique innovative consistency throughout the set – from bar stool to footstool. The result is a visually stunning collection of furniture that merges high artistic expression and functionality for the owner and an exceptionally efficient production process for the producer.

Vítek Škop’s VIVID BOOKS project draws children to the study of Science by augmenting the reality through which they experience these new wonders. The application provides teachers with worksheets that they can give to their students and the children (or anyone!) can use tablet technology to select the worksheet symbols that, thanks to the sophistication of the app, magically transform into moving interactive images. The students can then redraw the learned content and be rewarded with the confirmation of their grasp of the topic. The system allows students to keep their completed worksheets and create a science textbook of their very own. A complete 7th grade science book that follows the standardised education plan, including 47 animations of all of these explored subjects, is available for free with the app. For more info please see https://vitekvitek.com/vividbooks

14 - 22 September 2019
London Design Festival,  15a Cromwell Place Kensington SW7 2LA
Opening hours: Mon – Wed, Sat and Sun 10-18, Thu 10-21, Fri 10-17


UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
UMPRUM the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) was founded in 1885. Throughout its existence it has ranked among the best educational institutions in the country. It boasts a number of successful graduates who have gone on to become respected professionals, garnering acclaim beyond the Czech Republic. The academy is divided into the departments of architecture, design, fine arts, applied arts, graphic and theory and history of art. Each department is divided into studios according to their specialist area. Heads of the studios are leading figures of the Czech art scene. The academy is also reacting to the needs of the market and new interest of the future students so during the 2018/2019 semester opened two new studios: in the spring of 2018 the Guest Artist Programme, where to each semester UMPRUM invites an acknowledged artist from abroad to work with its students. In the winter 2018 the Studio of Photography II, which falls under the Graphic Department, was opened and it offers space for a new generation of talents with a desire for innovation within the visual world.





London Design Festival, 15a Cromwell Place Kensington SW7 2LA


From: 14 Sep 2019
To: 22 Sep 2019


London Design Festival, UMPRUM

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