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22 Mar 2019 19:00

Whisper Naked Shadow Premiere

Premiere screening of the first 4 episodes of Whisper Naked Shadow, Q&A with cast and crew members.



Made in NY Media Center By IFP, 30 John St, Brooklyn, NY


Czech with English subtitles.

Premiere of a TV mini-series Whisper Naked Shadow. Screening of the first 4 episodes followed by a Q&A with cast and crew members.

Sofie Robin and Viki are pretty regular college students and roommates. Dealing with all the pretty regular college students problems. How to meet tough deadlines, pass exams, make some cash and if possible also have some life on the side. So its completely inconvenient to them and their friends Lea and Harvey, when Sofie starts walking around the flat naked all of a sudden, Robin resorts to whispering and Viki? Viki turns into a complete psycho it seems.

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Made in NY Media Center By IFP, 30 John St, Brooklyn, NY


22 Mar 2019 19:00


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