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This exhibition and its curatorial selection aims to present the up-to-date trends in Czech fashion jewellery, ranging from traditional designs through contemporary trends to visions represented by a selection of winning designs of the Master of Crystal competition. Czech jewellery brands working with semi-finished products also have their place in this exhibition.


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Czech design is based on high-quality arts and crafts work, Czech do-it-yourself and fine traditional material. It has a long-time tradition as well as worldwide acclaim. Czech Centres prepared this exhibition on the occasion of celebrations of Czechoslovakia’s centenary. The Story of Czech Design: From Cubism to the 21 Century exhibition follows on the publication „Design in the Czech Lands 1900 – 2000“ which was published by Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague in cooperation with publishing house Academia.



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From Fatra to Merkur, Czech toys have a long and successful history both in their homeland and abroad. The early 20th century saw their story begin, and it has been intensively explored and developed since then. Drawing attention to unique Czech craftmanship, the mini wonders exhibition presents modern toy design as well as designs dating back almost a hundred years.


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At the beginning of a vast project named CzechImage there was an exhibition of works made by students of design and art from the University of West Bohemia (CzechImage I, Gallery of the Czech Centres, January 2018). Young authors were asked to depict their own views of our country. Subsequently, foreign students were also approached with the same call (taking part in the CzechImage project) and assignment (to graphically depict their own views of the Czech Republic).

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