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Meanwhile, elsewhere – with these words, comics artists inform their readers that the narrative they are presenting is going to include a turning point, that something has changed, that something is going to be different now. Few stories, whether entirely made up or based on accurate historical documents, can be fully told from only a single uninterrupted point of view without losing something very importantThe current exhibit, too, strives for a plurality of perspectives, a diversity of individual “pieces of narration”.

In the attempt to tell the story of Czech comics so as to be able to track its course over 100 years of Czech (or Czechoslovak) independence, we gave up on the idea of a strictly chronological exposition, which seems to offer a fixed and undeniable conceptual framework, but actually forces all involved into fettered obedience. Czech comics underwent enough of fettering and forced obedience in the 20th century, and we certainly do not want to add to it. 

The individual themes of the exhibit aim to offer multiple perspectives – sections focusing on specific genres encounter others devoted to the nodal moments of Czech history – from founding legends to the times of darkest peril. But with these, too, we do not wish to merely show them the way they looked at that time – we are interested in historical reflection, how these central tales of the national historical consciousness were portrayed and interpreted through comics: both at the time and now in hindsight. The ambit of themes itself offers questions of cultural transfer: we see how Czech comics communicated and communicate today with artists and stories from other cultural contexts.

2018: The project was presented into 7 language versions during 18 events (festivals, fairs, galleries, educational events, libraries, etc.) in 9 countries. Event also included an accompanying program as workshops, discussions and film screenings.


More about the project:   Mgr. Anna Hrabáčková,  T: +420 234 668 255, E: hrabackova@czech.cz

Curators: Pavel Kořínek, Tomáš Prokůpek

Organisator: Czech Centres

Partners: Institute of the Czech Language of the AS CR
  Faculty of Arts Palacky University, Olomouc

Project manager: Anna Hrabáčková

Grafic designer: Adéla Orava