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The Czech Republic is the home of many prominent scientists, thinkers and innovators whose essential discoveries and inventions in many areas of human research and knowledge have influenced the lives of people around the world.

The Czech Innovation Expo is based on the interconnection of interactive and audiovisual art, design and new trends in innovative areas of Czech society. The content of the exhibition is presented through state-of-the-art augmented-based technologies and virtual reality.

The Czech Innovation Expo represents the 100-year history of the country in the fields of research and science, traditional world-recognized industrial brands, and also the emerging new generation of representatives of the scientific, innovative and entrepreneurial sphere.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak statehood, Czech Centres organized this interactive exhibition.




  • Jan Drozda
  • Mikuláš Křen
  • Vítek Škop
  • Adam Uchytil

Executive board

  • Přemysl Pela 
  • Tomáš Pelikán
  • Jan Špunda


  • Česká inovace
  • VR & AR technology
  • Eliáš Bauer, Lucas Saidl


  • Ivana Lorencová 
  • Josef Matyáš


Institucional support

  • Czech Academy of Sciences
  • National Technical Museum
  • CzechInvest
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic


Contact person at CC: Martin Pechanec, pechanec@czech.cz