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FameLab is an international science communication competition that currently runs in 23 countries all around the world. Czech Centres are one of the main partners of this popular event.

 Contestants have three minutes to present a scientific subject of their choosing. They are not allowed to use a projector. The only props allowed are ones that they can carry onto and from the stage themselves.

FameLab was developed in 2004 by Cheltenham Festivals in an effort to find new science communicators. After its initial success as a national competition, a partnership with the British Council turned it into an international one, with participating countries ranging from Hong Kong to South Africa to the USA. 

The contest was brought to the Czech Republic in 2011 by the British Council and with the kind support of our partners was an instant success.

More about the competition here.





Main organisor: British Council

Cooperating organisation: Czech Centres

Contact person at Czech Centres:  Martin Pechanec, pechanec@czech.cz