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Online lecture on Czech language





Online lecture on Czech language by Mgr. Michaela Lišková, Ph.D. from the Department of Contemporary Lexicology and Lexicography of the Czech Language Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

In the current pandemic situation, a sharp increase in the so-called coronawords, which are often expressive, inventive, humorous, nonce words, is particularly noticeable. Hundreds of them are already documented in the academic neological database Neomat (neologismy.cz) and in the open dictionary Čeština 2.0 (cestina20.cz) as well. They relate, among others, to the designation of the virus and the disease (koronáčkovídek), protective equipment (roušičkyrouškomat), work and school from home (covideokonferenceškola v pyžamu) or children conceived / born during the pandemic (koroňátkokoroniálové). A fundamental precondition for the incorporation of a newly formed word into the lexicon is the persistence of the phenomenon it names. The vast majority of current language innovations will probably soon only serve as a chronicle of the time.

The lecture will focus on contemporary changes in the Czech vocabulary (covering also new expressions that responded to the floods of the 21st century or climate activism in addition to the above), it will include a neological quiz and a final discussion.


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The following sessions:
Wednesday May 27
09:00 University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
15:00 Czech Technical University in Prague

Thursday May 28
09:00 Tomas Bata University in Zlín
15:00 Anglo-American University

Friday May 29
09:00 University of Hradec Kralove
15:00 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague


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