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7.6.2019 - 9.6.2019

Construction Festival v Dnipru

«Construction» is a festival of new media and audiovisual art in urban space. The project appeals to physical and perceived image of city Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk), discovering a new vision of its peculiarities and raising attention to our commons: space, responsibility and future.

Construction festival will be held in Dnipro from 7 to 9 June. This year we create the festival in collaboration with our kind friends - the festival of computer art CYNETART from Dresden and the European platform of innovative music and audiovisual art in named SHAPE. We invite artists from the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Uruguay, Austria, Vietnam, and Ukraine. It will be three days of contemporary art, concerts, performances, lectures, workshops, and parties. The collaborative program Construction festival VI x CYNETART takes place in a historic building that will become the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture in the future.


Czech program on Construction festival:


 - 19:30 - TouchieTouchie LIVE (CZ) (location: Ambient Garden)

TouchieTouchie is presented in a collaboration with the MeetFactory Prague. Avsluta, Hatis Noit, Patten, Mary C., and Ann Manankina & Sasha Zakrevska are presented in a collaboration with the CYNETART Festival. I, iteration & SiedlCao are presented by the CONSTRUCTION Festival.



- 12:00 - Mary C (CZ) -  HOW TO READ SYNTHS - (location: Ambient Garden)

HOW TO READ SYNTHS with Synth Library Prague Join us in exploring sound creation and learn how to read synths with the co-founder of the Synth Library Prague. We might need a sawtooth, envelope and maybe some spaghetti too. And we will explore Forbidden planets while staying switched-on.

Mary C, co-founder of Synth Library Prague will introduce basic vocabulary and demonstrate various processes a patches. Together we will learn a little bit about history of electronic music instruments and the ideas and motivations behind them. To be able to navigate smoothly through the knobs, faders, switches and patches, we will take a closer look at the architecture and interfaces of few instruments from the Synth Library collection and we will play together at the end. 

- 19:00 - Avsluta LIVE (CZ)

Avsluta (Lucie Štěpánková) is a London-based Czech-born electro-acoustic composer, improviser and sound artist. A recent graduate from Sound Arts and Design bachelor programme at the London College of Communication and a great admirer of contemporary classical, experimental and dance music, her practice is a genre-fluid journey through deep listening situations, sonic abstractions, dream sequences and pulsing layers of ambiance. Her compositions are created through intertwining synthetic sonorities, field recordings and live and recorded acoustic free improvisation with objects and materials. Her interest in Eastern philosophy and meditation is translated into her work through the use of repetition and extensive durations. The uninhibited nature of field recordings and the detailed raw intensity of improvised sonic explorations in connection with the structured synthetic sequences are forming what she calls the Phantom Field. It is a field of deep sensibility to sonic sensations and inner experiences of emotions, altered states and dreams. It is a way of being here and now, being in the right place at the right time. www.luciestepankova.com


Místo konání:
Центр Сучасної Культури в Дніпрі - Крутогірний узвіз, 21

Od: 7.6.2019
Do: 9.6.2019


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