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13.2.2014 19:00

Flusser Talk # 2 - Meeting Flusser

Michael Bielicki brought his video camera when he went to Robion to discuss with Vilèm Flusser. The result is an intimate philosophical dialog about images and apparatus, about history and the future: “Flussers Fluss”. In this session of Flusser Talk, Baruch Gottlieb welcomes Michael Bielicki to discuss and reflect on that visit almost 25 years ago, on their conversations and on the Flusserian life in Robion. This contemporary conversation will be accompanied and interjected with selected clips from Bielicki's video.

Místo konání:

Wilhelmstraße 44 / vstup Mohrenstraße
10117 Berlin


13.2.2014 19:00


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