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27.6.2016 - 30.6.2016

V4 Documentary Film Festival

The V4 Documentary Film Festival is the final cultural event jointly organized by the countries of the Visegrad group /the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia/ under the year-long presidency of the Czech Republic, which will end on 30 June 2016. The festival gives another unique possibility of learning about the culture of the Visegrad region, which is meant for anyone who has an interest and wishing to know more about the “heart of Europe” and its people. It also represents inspiring a playful reflection of life from various perspectives. Please join us on this four-day-event and enjoy the enriching stories of our time...

 Embassy of the Czech Republic, 2 Chome-16-14 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo





■Attendance is free of charge. For reservations, please contact CZECH CENTRE TOKYO cctokyo@czech.cz 

 Let us know your name, the number of persons  and the date of screening.



 19:00 Start Doors open at 18:30

27. June.2016 (Mon.) Czech Republic
Andrea Sedláčková監督「Life according to Václav Havel (2014)」
The biopic story depicting the life of the great European, Václav Havel.

28. June.2016 (Tue.) Slovakia
Anton Szomolányi監督「Okinawa –  Slovakia, the Way of Karate (2015)」
Slovak and Okinawan masters of Karate talk about what Karate really is, what does it mean to them and what is the difference between traditional Karate and sport Karate.

29. June.2016 (Wed.) Hungary
Káel Csaba監督「Gyurika  -Confessions of a Water Polo Player (2015)」
What is the secret to the success of Hungarian water polo ? What made Dr. Kárpáti such a significant player?

30. June.2016 (Thu.) Poland
Leszek Gnoiński & Wojciech Słota監督「Beats of Freedom (2011)」
Beats of Freedom tells the story of rock music during the Communist era in the People's Republic of Poland through the eyes of the journalist of Polish heritage.

■Life According to Václav Havel/ Život podle Václava Havla (2014)

 Director:  Andrea Sedláčková

Language: Czech with Japanese subtitles

 There were filmed hundreds of hours of footage about Václav Havel. However, the biopic story depicting the life of the great European has been missing so far. Various periods Havel's life - family, childhood, his love, drama and political activities - is caught in seventy minutes documentary film directed by Andrea Sedláčková, who represents Havel in all life stages and roles - as an intellectual rebel, lover of women and life, or admirer of underground and rockers. This "portrait" of Havel was made at the first-ever international co-production of Czech Television and Franco-German TV ARTE.


Místo konání:

2-16-14 Hiroo
150-0012 Tokio, Shibuya-ku


Od: 27.6.2016
Do: 30.6.2016


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