Our Mission

What Do We Offer Our Partners?

Knowledge of the environment, PR, and contacts: The Czech Centres network consists of the Czech Centres Headquarters in Prague, 22 branches abroad, and the Czech House Moscow. That allocates for the extensive knowledge we have of the environment abroad. We have connections with curators, promoters, commercial entities, service providers, international institutions, and audiences in the respective sectors.

An established brand: We are an established partner to institutions abroad and well-respected as trustworthy, professional, and accessible.

Prime locations and flexibility: We are based at prestigious locations, where we are able to offer our premises for projects or individual presentations. We also have the reach to cover areas beyond our operational venues.

Bilateral and multilateral cooperation: We usually work with the EUINIC association to act as initiators and partners to international projects. Our platform invites international entities as well as Czech entities to make their visions a reality.

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