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Czech Centres

The address of the headquarters

Wenceslas Square 816/49
Nové Město
110 00 Praha 1

+420 234 668 211
[email protected]

Contact list

Section of Director General

PhDr. Ondřej Černý Director General
Mgr. Jana Polívková Čepeláková
Mgr. Jana Polívková Čepeláková Deputy Director General & EUNIC Focal Point
Ing. Sabina Šindlerová Head of Secretariat of Director General
Zuzana Bělínová Assistent of the Director General
Mgr. Anna Hrabáčková Performing Art and Literature Specialist

Section of Deputy Director General and Cultural Diplomacy

E: [email protected]
Ing. Ráchel Hengalová Deputy Director General Agenda Coordinator
Mgr. Ivana Černá Shared Cities Administrator
Mgr. Petra Landergott Kalvínská Language Courses Specialist
Tereza Puldová
Mgr. Tereza Puldová Education Specialist
Mgr. Anna Hrabáčková Performing Art and Literature Specialist
Anna Puklová
Mgr. et Mgr. Anna Puklová Film Agenda Specialist
Mgr. Sandra Karácsony Design and Architecture Specialist
Mgr. Hana Pištorová
Mgr. Hana Pištorová Social Sciences Specialist
Mgr. Martin Pechanec Science, Research and Innovation Specialist
Naděžda Lhotská Coordinator and Music Agenda Specialist
Mgr. Nikola Vargová Coordinator
Mgr. Alena Kopečná Coordinator
Jitka Zámorská Coordinator
PhDr. Adriana Krásová Literature Night Coordinator

Section of Marketing Communication and IT

E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]
Bc. Petra Přibylová Head of the Section
Mgr. Petra Jungwirthová, MBA Press Officer
BcA. Pavla Hradcová Marketing Specialist
Jindřiška Seidlová, MA Marketing Specialist
Petr Hrdlička IT Specialist, Deaputy Head of the Section
Petr Dočkal IT Specialist
Mgr. Martina Tučková IT Specialist

Section of Economy

Ing. Jan Votava Head of the Section
Renata Schönová Chief Accountant

HR Section

Mgr. Simona Fediuková Head of the Section

Section of Administration

Petra Višňarová Head of the Section

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[email protected]
+420 234 668 211

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