Czech Centres as a Focal Point for the Czech Republic

A Focal Point is a representative of member organisations for close cooperation in EUNIC activities. It informs local EUNIC members of the goings-on in the EUNIC network and is the primary link between a given region/country and the Brussels office of EUNIC Global.

Czech Centers is the Focal Point for the Czech Republic. This function is currently performed by Monika Koblerová, the deputy director general of Czech Centers.

As a local Focal Point, Czech Centers is authorised to recommend EUNIC members for representative offices in places where there is no Czech Center, so that the Czech Republic can connect with projects of individual EUNIC clusters around the world. Czech Centers can also initiate and organise educational workshops for EUNIC network members.

Mgr. Jana Polívková Čepeláková
Mgr. Jana Polívková Čepeláková Deputy Director General & EUNIC Focal Point