Corona Stories

A collection of original texts in the form of stories written by Czech (and local) authors exclusively for Czech Centres on topics loosely associated with the situation influenced or inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. The authors should ideally have specific ties to the countries where Czech Centres involved in the project are active.

Most of the texts were written in Czech, some in German. The stories were translated to the languages of the countries where Czech Centres operate (English, Japanese, German, Russian, Greek).

CCs involved: Athens, Berlin, Jerusalem, Munich, Moscow, New York, Tel Aviv, Tokyo.

Assignment / Context

  • The story should have 10–20 thousand characters including spaces.
  • The story should be inspired by the current situation affected by the coronavirus pandemic (explicitly or implicitly).
  • Ideally, the author should be able to set the story in the background of a country where CCs (ordering party) are active, to which the author is related, or which is referred to in the Czech Republic.
  • One author writes for one territory.
  • There is no limit to the number of stories for one territory.

Involved writers